Current Issue

Fall 2018; Vol. 11, No. 4


Author Title
Meredith Bergmann His Master’s Voice
Catherine Fletcher House Cleaning
Brad Geyer Primero
Mark Jarman Mother’s Ice Age
David Livewell Perpetual Light
Circular Tracks
Amit Majmudar Letter to Myself in My Next Incarnation
Charlotte Muzzi Twig, Minnesota, First Halloween
Burt Meyers First Deer at Dawn
Ashley Anna McHugh A Kind of Sickness
Will Schutt Francesco Datini, Merchant of Prato
Jane Satterfield The Brontë Badasses
Emily’s Apocrypha
Wendy Videlock Ode to the Slow
Michael Waters Good Riddance Chicken
Luke 23:41
Frank Wilson Day Dream
Anton Yakovlev California


Author Title
Philip Arnoult Interviewed by Jack L. B. Gohn
Terrance Hayes Interviewed by Dora Malech


Author Title
Rackstraw Downes Drawings, with an introduction by Karen Wilkin


Author Title
Jean Gillette Taking Art
Lee Upton Knock Knock


Author Title
J. T. Barbarese Prévert Now
David Havird Southern Relations: With Robert Lowell at Timrod’s Grave
David M. Katz The Late Mastery of Dick Allen
Nikolai Nekarsov From A Friendly Correspondence Between Moscow and Petersburg


Author Title
Katherine Sharpe The End of the Line: A New York Diary


Author Title
Joey Frantz Daniel Willingham, The Reading Mind: A Cognitive Approach to Understanding How the Mind Reads
Florian Hild Navid Kermani, Wonder Beyond Belief: On Christianity (Tony Crawford, trans.)
Jefferson Hunter Film Chronicle
Jay Rogoff Funny Gils,, and Some Serious Ones