Current Issue

Summer 2019; Vol. 12, No. 3


Author Title
Todd Arnold Prisoners of Play
Of Our Own Creation
Bruce Bond Scar 19
The Lost Language 33
Morri Creech The House Fire at the Sea
Chad Davidson Wake
Mag Gabbert Minml Poems
Rachel Hadas Sleeping Late
Elaine Johanson Gratitudes
Julie Kane Petit Mal
David Kirby More Soprano, Please, More Tenor
Daniel Nester Looks That Kill
J. Allyn Rosser No Happier State


Author Title
Ilya Kaminsky Interviewed by Dora Malech


Artist Title
Chelsea Gibson Paintings


Author Title
Francisco Proaño Arandi Mále and the Masks, translated by Paul Hendricks
Mai Wang The Corpse of Chairman Mao


Author Title
J. T. Barbarese Brinkmanship: Hart Crane
Denis Donoghue The Kenner-Davenport Era
Jefferson Hunter Reading the Regent’s Canal
Jeffrey Meyers The Tears of War: Jarrell, Dickey, Hecht


Author Title
Emma Bogdonoff Natalie Shapero, Hard Child
Jefferson Hunter Film Chronicle
Sunil Iyengar Gregory Orr, A Primer for Poets & Readers of Poetry
James Longenbach, How Poems Get Made
William H. Pritchard William Logan, Dickinson’s Nerves, Frost’s Woods: Poetry in the Shadow of the Past
Jay Rogoff Coming Home to Roost in London