Current Issue

Spring 2019; Vol. 12, No. 2


Author Title
Austin Allen Dark Glass
Epitaphs for All the Dead
Christopher Bakken Turning Fifty at the Oracle of Death
David Barber Nightingale Floor
Blue Man Song
Audrey Bohanan Mother of Richard
Peter Cooley El Alcazar in Segovia
Jeffrey Harrison Rocking Chair
Whose Honors Include . . .
Ernest Hilbert Great Bay Estuary
Kjerstin Anne Kauffman Stone Christ
Richard Kenney Science Today
David Lehman Good Week for a Birthday


Artist Title
John Dubrow Paintings


Author Title
Siel Ju Dumbo
Jessi Lewis Daria’s Knives
Qais Akbar Omar A Bag of Barley


Author Title
Michael Anderson “So Much Fun—So Long Ago”: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender Is the Night
Shalom Gorewitz Thirteen Ways to Look at the Wave
Aaron Haspel New Aphorisms
Karen Wilkin Gamaliel Rodriguez: Uncertainty Gates


Author Title
Jefferson Hunter Film Chronicle
Andrew Neilson Daniel Groves and Greg Williamson, eds., Jiggery-Pokery Semicentennial
William H. Pritchard Zachary Leader, The Life of Saul Bellow: Love and Strife, 1965-2005
Jay Rogoff Virtue and Virtuosity
Marlo Starr Diana Arterian, Playing Monster :: Seiche
Frank Wilson Richard Burgin, A Thousand Natural Shocks: Selected Stories