Current Issue

Fall 2019; Vol. 12, No. 4


Author Title
Robert Archambeau “The Dry Heat This Winter Has Put My Bouzouki Out of Commission”
Melissa Balmain Thumbelina Moves On
J. T. Barbarese Holocausts
No Wonder Eddie Wears Cologne
Jehanne Dubrow Simple Machines
Joseph Harrison The Albatross
Jodie Hollander The Sock-Off
Stephen Kampa The Night I Finished Auden
David Lehman Family Reunion
Amit Majmudar Cat’s Cradle
John Matthias The Master Reads to Edith Wharton
Aaron Poochigian American Divine
Michael Spence Zemog and Ecneps: New Orleans, 1963
Crystal Stone Self-Portrait After Polar Vortex


Author Title
John Clark Mayden Interviewed by Christina Thomas


Artist Title
Melissa Meyer Works on Paper, with an Introduction by Karen Wilkin


Author Title
Francisco Proaño Arandi Journey to the Hauchairi Territory, translated by Paul Hendricks
Clifford Garstang The Scottish Play


Author Title
Stefan Beck Slumming Angels
Juliana Gray Basically a Detective
Mark Halliday Ferry’s Wildman


Artist Title
John Domini Calcutta in Naples: A Romance


Author Title
Leann Davis Alspaugh Lance Esplund, The Art of Looking: How to Read Modern and Contemporary Art
Denis Donoghue Stuart Kells, Shakespeare’s Library: Unlocking the Greatest Mystery in Literature
Rachel Hadas Rhina Espaillat, And After All
Jefferson Hunter Film Chronicle
Jean McGarry Jed Perl, Calder: The Conquest of Time: The Early Years, 1898–1940
Jay Rogoff Foreigners and Americans