The Hopkins Review has two submission periods: September 1 through November 30, and February 1 through April 30.

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Submission Guidelines

The Hopkins Review is committed to publishing the best contemporary fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and art. The editors seek to publish emerging writers along with established writers. We accept manuscripts via our online submission manager.

Fiction: Submit only one story at a time (not exceeding 8,000 words) or three pieces of flash fiction. Must be typewritten, double-spaced, paginated, and include the author’s name and contact information on first page.

Poetry: Submit up to five poems of any length. Must be typewritten and include the author’s name and contact information on each poem. List the poems in the cover letter.

Nonfiction: Submit one work at a time (generally not exceeding 30 pages). We publish personal essays, memoirs, and reviews. Please inquire about reviews as they are published only with editorial pre-approval.

Art: Submit digital art, photography, painting, drawing, etc. Must include the artist’s name and contact information along with titles on the cover letter.

Note that we do accept simultaneous submissions, but we ask that you let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere.