Current Issue

Spring 2017; Vol. 10, No. 2


Author Title
Heinrich Heine The Devil Take Your Mother, translated by Terese Coe
R. Nemo Hill The View from The Bar
On the Broom Road
Sunil Iyengar “The absence of a scar . . .”
Hilary S. Jacqmin World’s Fair
J. D. McClatchy The Golden Floor
Toppled Potted Palm
Elise Paschen High-Rise
Sarah Passino November 9, 2016
John Marcus Powell Love on the Roof
Kelly Sullivan Mount Desert


Author Title
Jonathan Gottschall The Monster in the Room
Joanna Pearson Every Human Love


Author Title
William Bailey Drawings, with an introduction by Karen Wilson


Author Title
Ned Balbo From La Jeune Parque, by Paul Valery
Cynthia Haven, Dick Davis & John Whitworth Remembering Robert Conquest: A Symposium
Jefferson Hunter The Marriage of Figaro and The Rules of the Game
Jim McCue What Does an Editor Do?


Author Title
Mike Broida Into Irons


Author Title
Denis Donoghue Stanley Wells, Paul Edmondson, eds., Shakespeare on Page & Stage: Selected Essays; Stanley Wells, Great Shakespeare Actors: Burbage to Branagh
Jack L. B. John Nontraditional
Rachel Hadas Gregory Dowling, Ascension
Ernest Hilbert Willard Spiegelman, Senior Moments: Looking Back, Looking Ahead
Jefferson Hunter Film Chronicle
Stephen Kampa Varieties of Inheritance: Leithauser, Kirsch, Sinclair, Allen, Sanders
Johanna Keller Royal Madness and Exotic Desire: Masterworks by Mozart and Handel from Glyndebourne Opera Festival
Jay Rogoff Partners and Pedestals