Current Issue

Summer 2017; Vol. 10, No. 3

Poetry from the BMA: A Special Section

Author Title
J. P. Allen On Club Onyx by Frank Stella
Clare Banks Perfecting the Body in Three Steps
Donald Berger Looks at Berkeley #23
Josephine Chun The Lie
George Green Rinaldo and Armida
Rachel Hadas Woman with a Mango
Joseph Harrison Cezanne in Baltimore
Dora Malech Diebenkorn, Ocean Park
Andrew Motion Interior at Nice
Mary Jo Salter St. Florian with Burning Church
Cody Walker What Are You Doing?
David Yezzi Tragedy


Author Title
Kathleen Balma For Oyster Shuckers
Cally Conan-Davies Shanty
Dick Davis Persian Medieval Epigrams by Women Poets
Aaron Hauptman Meditations on a Mostly Tree-Nut Diet
David Havird Wedding Wind
Laura Stuckey The Peacock
Wendy Videlock Were You Young Again
There’s Aways More


Author Title
Stephen Dixon Ducks
Yaniv Moore The Old Man and the Vest


Author Title
Debora Greger Collages


Author Title
Sarah Arvio from Lorca’s Blood Wedding: A New Translation
C. L. Dallat Foundation Stones: Robinson Jeffers and Poetry in the North of Ireland
Sharon Dolin The Ekphrastic Moment
Mark Halliday Pinsky and Forgetting
Francis Morrone Bookshop Memories


Author Title
Ernest Hilbert Michael Dirda, Browsings: A Year of Reading, Collecting, and Living with Books
Jefferson Hunter Film Chronicle
Andrew Motion Michael Wood, On Empson
Jay Rogoff God Dances in New York City