Current Issue

Winter 2018; Vol. 11, No. 1


Author Title
David Barber Madhouse Promenade
Paul Bone And the Elder Shall Serve the Younger
Bill Coyle from Light So Late
Dick Davis Leaving the Fair
Charles Doersch Killing Tree
Stephen Gibson The Bar
Rob Griffith Anatomy
Adam Kirsch Opera
Dara Mandle Praying
Elizabeth Spires Island Graveyard
Anne Pierson Wiese Doves Drying


Author Title
Sean Padraic McCarthy Castles


Author Title
Richard Holmes Interviewed by Andrew Motion


Author Title
Kyle Staver Studies


Author Title
Rachel Hadas From Iphigenia Among the Taurians: A New Translation
Theodore Leinwand Shakespearean Harmonics
Daniel Tobin An Unfinished Tower: On the Early Poems of Lola Ridge
Karen Wilkin Kyle Staver: History Painting in the 21st Century


Author Title
Piotr Florczyk Andrzej Franaszek, Milosz: A Biography
Jack L. B. Gohn Shepherdstown 2017: Race and Faith
Jefferson Hunter Film Chronicle
Molly McQuade Portraits and the Portraitist
William H. Pritchard Megan Marshall, Elizabeth Bishop: A Miracle for Breakfast
Jay Rogoff International Dazzle