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The Best of 2013

New Year celebrations aren’t complete without a look back at the year-that-was. Some good news for readers in need of advice: There is no shortage of ”Best of 2013” book lists. The lists are so abundant that a little skepticism or weariness is understandable. (A List of Lists would even be helpful). And if you’re tired of… Read more »

Paris Review Author Interviews

It’s been three years since the Paris Review made its archive of author interviews available online for free. Anyone who hasn’t spent time reading one or more of these extended interviews is really missing out. The current issue of the PR includes interviews with Geoff Dyer and Edward P. Jones.

Making Metaphors

Brad Leithauser explores the satisfactions and frustrations of hitting upon the perfect metaphor at the New Yorker‘s Page-Turner blog. Leithauser is both a Hopkins Review editor and a professor at the Writing Seminars. You can read more of his Page-Turner posts here.

Year in Reading

The Millions has kicked off its annual “Year in Reading” series, in which writers mention some of the best books they’ve read in the past year. One of the writers who shares titles from her reading list is Hopkins Review Editor Alice McDermott. You can see a list of all the contributors (as well as contributors… Read more »

In Other Words: Phyllis Berger

This is a video of photographer Phyllis Berger talking about her photographs of Ireland and Brittany, which appeared in the Summer 2011 issue of The Hopkins Review. Berger is the featured artist in the current issue of the journal. You can see more of her work here. A big thank you to our partners at… Read more »

Advice from Nicholson Baker

It’s unnerving to recall that a writer’s published work represents only a tiny fraction of her output. Every good novelist has an abandoned book (or two or three) in the drawer. Every good poet could fill a book (or two or three) with poems not worth publishing. So why can’t we just skip writing all that bad… Read more »

President’s Reading Series: Colum McCann

Novelist Colum McCann will give a reading and lecture tomorrow evening (Nov 20) at JHU. He’s visiting campus as part of “The President’s Reading Series: Literature of Social Import.” McCann is the author of six novels and two collections of short stories. His novel Let the Great World Spin won the 2009 National Book Award. His… Read more »

Idleness and Creativity

Sven Birkets is one of the foremost critics of our “Electronic Age.” In this lovely and insightful essay from 2011, he posits that our distracting lives prevent us from reaping the many benefits of idleness. What does he mean, exactly, by idleness? “It is,” he writes, “the soul’s first habitat, the original self ambushed—cross-sectioned—in its… Read more »

The Death of the Novel

All art forms evolve over time. The interest they attract changes according to prevailing tastes and technologies. We’ve all heard it said, and multiple times at that: the novel has no future. Sam Sacks takes issue with the doomsayers in a recent post on the New Yorker’s book blog. Speculating about the future of a… Read more »

Incorporating Criticism

An interesting essay here by novelist Charles Finch, who reflects on the way James Wood influenced his latest novel. Wood is, of course, one of the most prominent literary critics working today. People love him, and people hate him, but there’s no doubt his criticism has shaped the way we think about literature. Finch explains… Read more »