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Failing Well

An interesting article by Megan McArdle over at The Atlantic about writing and procrastination. McArdle speculates that writers often put off their writing assignments until the last minute because they’re afraid to fail. As McArdle puts it, “Before you take to the keys, you are Proust and Oscar Wilde and George Orwell all rolled up […]

Sir Andrew Motion

The Writing Seminars will be welcoming Chaffee Visiting Writer Sir Andrew Motion to campus next Tuesday (2/11). Motion is Professor of Creative Writing at Royal Holloway, University of London. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and lives in London. He was knighted for his services to literature in 2009. Sir Andrew is a […]

Tudor & Stuart Graduate Reading Series

Join us tomorrow (Wednesday, 2/5) as we resume our Tudor & Stuart Graduate Reading Series. Richie Hofmann (poetry) and Nathan Washatka (fiction), two students in the Hopkins MFA program, will be sharing some of their work. The reading will take place in Gilman 388 at 7:00. More info here.

Winter 2014 Issue

It’s here.          Click                  to                     explore                               our                                   […]

Moore’s Mother

You think your mother is out of line? Marianne Moore’s once clorophormed a stray cat. A new biography of Moore guesses at the influence her indomitable mother might have had on her life and work. The book is Holding On Upside Down: The Life and Work of Marianne Moore, by Linda Leavell. You can read a review […]

Beah’s New Novel

The New York Times has two reviews of Ishmael Beah’s new novel, Radiance of Tomorrow. Beah, a native of Sierra Leone, came to fame in 2007 with the publication of his memoir A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier. The memoir recounts Beah’s experience as a child soldier, and his eventual escape to the […]

Saunders and Sympathy

Even before the New York Times Magazine declared The Tenth of December the best book of the year, George Saunders was a popular guy. Maybe not quite Bestseller-popular, but certainly beloved by writers and readers. There are plenty of reasons Saunders’s fiction is such a pleasure to read: the language, the humor, the genuineness of the […]

Art and Alcohol

Plenty of writers claim that alcohol makes writing easier. Plenty have been alcoholics. Yet the romantic image of the hard-drinking writer has faded from the public imagination. Where has it gone, and why did it ever arise in the first place? Adam Gopnik has a few theories. 

The Best of 2013

New Year celebrations aren’t complete without a look back at the year-that-was. Some good news for readers in need of advice: There is no shortage of ”Best of 2013” book lists. The lists are so abundant that a little skepticism or weariness is understandable. (A List of Lists would even be helpful). And if you’re tired of […]

Paris Review Author Interviews

It’s been three years since the Paris Review made its archive of author interviews available online for free. Anyone who hasn’t spent time reading one or more of these extended interviews is really missing out. The current issue of the PR includes interviews with Geoff Dyer and Edward P. Jones.